Butterfly Beats Identity Creation

Butterfly Beats is a music and movement class for children aged 3 months to 5 years and initially consisted of one group. The business was developing into a larger model to expand the number of groups and offer franchise options. The organisation required a professional identity to facilitate this development and have a brand mark that represented the group sessions and activities, whilst adopting a clean and simple approach that could be easily applied by different groups in isolation.


The initial focus was on how to best represent the activities and engagement the groups offer to children. For this we looked at the instruments the children use in the session and incorporated this into the mark, alongside using the butterfly to represent the movement as well as associating with the name.


We developed a graphical butterfly mark made up of xylophone panels creating the wings and the beaters used to play representing the antennas. These elements allowed the mark to be easily recognisable as a butterfly whilst also being clearly identified as musical instrument assets.


Winner of ‘Best Corporate Identity’ and ‘The Chairmans Award’ at the 2015 Scottish Creative Awards.


Butterfly Beats