FR8 Identity Creation & Website

For over 60 years, the RHA has been one of the most trusted voices in the UK road haulage industry. We worked closely with the RHA and their partners, Griffiths & Armour and Aviva, to launch a new brand which offers haulage insurance to RHA members. We introduced the name “FR8” and created visual assets based on the colours, textures and everyday experiences of the industry: road markings, reportage photography and dynamic ‘light trail’ imagery. Alongside the exciting visuals – clear layout and typography are used to reinforce professionalism, precision and transparency.

FR8 required a digital platform that not only conveyed information to potential customers about their business and services, but also reinforced their new brand. We took brand elements to use as textured and layered areas of the site as well as using brand imagery throughout the site to give impact and reinforce the new brand. The outcome was a clean and minimal digital platform that clearly conveyed the important services information supported by relative content to increase user engagement with multiple routes to key areas of the site.


FR8 haulage insurance