Luckie Beans Identity Creation

Luckie Beans are an ethical coffee microroastery based in an 18th Century building on the romantically named Love Lane. With an acute focus on quality and attention to detail they employ data logging software which allows them to profile each roast and cup daily to ensure that every batch is at the highest standard possible. Utilising a Diedrich Roaster that uses 50% less gas than other roasters it ensures that no naked flames directly heat the drum where the coffee is roasted which means the beans do not have any unburned gases in the roasting medium which creates a cleaner cup of coffee. This is a coffee not only roasted with passion, but with accuracy and diligence.

Our task was to create a brand and a website that captured the precise nature of the product and to create a marque that was unique and positioned Luckie Beans in the high-end market.

The graphical element of the identity is focused around the ‘U’ which consists of a diagonal line across the letterform. This is symbolic of both a half full coffee cup as well as an abstract coffee bean, this line mirrors the angle of the ‘K’ to create a sense of balance and clean structure. The typography, which uses intentionally wide kerning, creates an elegant identity which captures the essence of the brand.

The product is aimed at the connoisseur end of the coffee market and is available directly from the Luckie Beans website or via boutique coffee shops. Since it’s launch it has been featured several times in Vogues ‘most wanted’ section.


Luckie Beans