The Institute for Future Cities

The STEP UP (Strategies Towards Energy Planning and Urban Planning) project was drawing to a conclusion and needed to present its findings. This was to be done through a brochure and two workshops to stakeholders. Workbooks were required for these workshops.


We created an illustrative style for the project that could be used across all collateral, and that could be used for future STEP UP related activity. At the centre of this was a core illustration that summarised the whole project, incorporating elements of energy planning, urban and suburban environments and transportation, as well as identifying the four cities involved. The project aims to bring key stakeholders together for joint project planning, and so the illustration is underpinned by connecting blocks of colour.


The illustration is then intended to be de-constructed so that individual elements can be used to illustrate particular aspects of the project, or combined together in different configurations to show how different projects were brought together by STEP UP.


Received a commendation for ‘Best Use of Illustration’ at the 2015 Scottish Creative Awards.


Step Up