Less is More


Made by Lowe, a Spanish design agency, these posters are a really clever
and minimalist mash-up of two stories: Snow White/Sherlock, Harry
Potter/Troy and Little Red Riding Hood/Moby Dick. Playing on the
exchange’s tagline “Come With A Story And Leave With Another”. These
posters are AMAZING!

Beautiful Typography

Strategic use of type, colors and graphics, and obstruction-free aesthetics devoid of visual clutter are a few of the characteristics shared among web designs that are clean and simple. Here are some examples of excellent web designs that are clean, simple and elegant.

TV Posters

These minimalist graphics by Albert Exergian perfectly capture the
essence of some of my very favourite shows with his simple but really
iconic designs. The full collection can be found on

National Music Centre, Canada

The Cantos Music Foundation set out to reshape their organization to a new cultural institution that commemorates outstanding Canadian music while also serving as the national music community. The organization will serve education, research, recording, live music, innovation and will facilitate programs for people of all ages.

In order to complete the above The National Music Centre under went a complete rebrand starting with the architecture of the building following through to the branding an identity.

The result is a brand that is modern, clean lined and expresses its self through white space. http://nmc.ca/en/building


Pixar Posters

These posters form part of a limited edition collection created by designer Wonchan Lee as a tribute to Pixar. He created minimal versions to represent some of his favourite Pixar films. You can see the full collection in colour at http://www.behance.net/gallery/Pixar-Minimal-Posters/3008131 and the limited edition collection prints are available at http://www.gallerywonchan.com/

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