Architecture & Design Scotland website


A&DS were not only in need of a new website design but a complete restructure of how they presented their online content to engage more with their audience. The main objective was to create an enjoyable user journey where it was simple for users to find the content they were interested in and to find out about events and exhibitions. We started the process by carefully analysing their current site to establish the areas where users disengaged and why they found it difficult to use. We carried out user interviews based on defined user profiles to inform our approach to the site structure alongside the objectives from A&DS. Following on from these we established a streamlined hierarchy where content was pulled through to the relevant sections by taxonomies and filtering. Splitting the content into types as opposed to departments and allowing for content to be easily accessed by users selecting filters that were relevant to what they were looking for. The visual approach for the project was to keep a clean and minimal grid layout to retain the focus on content and form a clear structure. Using the brand colours in block areas to add striking contrast to the neutral background, to achieve a refreshing overall approach.


Architecture & Design Scotland