British Airways

Avoiding information overload

British Airways Corporate Responsibility Report serves to communicate a lot of detailed information to customers and stakeholders. Our challenge was to communicate all of this information in an engaging way. We used large-format photography alongside a clear structure that would allow readers to easily navigate the documents, and through concise copywriting achieved a consistent and considered editorial tone. British Airways already had established brand guidelines and Corporate Responsibility Strategy that we had to work within, therefore our challenge here was all about clear, concise and engaging communication of information within an existing brand language.


Creating an engaging interactive environment

British Airways needed to improve cabin crews knowledge of onboard medical equipment, it’s use, the identification of illness and injury, and to learn the steps in each stage of treatment. Rather than printing literature that may or may not get read, BA created a dedicated zone where cabin crew could come to improve their knowledge.


The information we needed to communicate was complexed with a lot of specific health and safety content required. By developing clear and simple iconography as well as interactive digital tools and real medical equipment we managed to create an engaging environment for staff to fully immerse themselves becoming more confident in their health and safety knowledge.


British Airways