CAST: Innovations in Concrete

Architecture & Design Scotland’s aim is to get people more involved in shaping the places they live or improving the design of the buildings that they use.


The challenge here was to turn the somewhat grey subject matter of concrete into an engaging exhibition that would encourage discussion and debate about all aspects of concrete and its uses. We storyboarded the exhibition from scratch considering how we could engage two different audiences; general public and industry professionals.  Mixed media was used to draw people in and different levels of information were provided allowing more detail to be found when sought.


Adopting a more educational tone, the purpose of  this exhibition was to show the historical context of stone and its influence on Scotland. Similar to the CAST exhibition we had to appeal to a variety of audiences therefore the use of interactive engagement tools was critical to be able to tailor the depth of information appropriate to the audience.

CAST won awards for Best Exhibition and Best Use of Visual Design at the Scottish Creative Awards.


Architecture & Design Scotland