Shaping future direction for leading recruitment agency

Devonshire is a recruitment agency with a very simple mission: to match the very best candidates with the very best jobs. However, with their attention focused on day-to-day activities within an increasingly competitive marketplace, Devonshire’s brand position became diluted and their messaging confused. In short, they began to look like a lot of other recruitment companies. Starting with a brand workshop involving all key members of staff, we helped Devonshire rediscover what it was that made them distinctive – personal one-to-one relationships with clients and candidates, and a refreshing ‘grown-up’ approach to recruitment. Having articulated these qualities in revised brand positioning, we developed a creative approach around an ancient Chinese puzzle, the tangram. The puzzle is creative, intelligent, refreshing and distinctive, and all about finding the best fit… just like Devonshire, who are now confidently moving forward on a strategy of growth and expansion.