Securing a record number of listings in Asda stores nationwide

Military veteran, Chris Gillan, founded Heroes Drinks as the UK’s first spirit social enterprise. Chris’s vision was to create a vodka that could command a premium over Smirnoff with the pledge to donate a minimum of 20% of all profits to UK Armed Forces charities as well as providing employment opportunities to injured veterans.


Heroes Vodka is a seven times distilled wheat grain vodka, we drew on these product truths to enhance quality perception whilst using the social enterprise aspect to add gravitas to the brand. Achieving a balance of these two key selling points was critical to the success of the product; both in terms of securing listings and engaging consumers.


Heroes Vodka is the first Scottish-based company to gain listings of a new product in over 350 Asda stores nationwide, selling out in a number of stores in its first week.


Heroes Drinks