Hunter Adams – transforming the online experience

Hunter Adams relied heavily on their website to develop new business. However, they were not getting the results they desired. Not only was the company further down the search rankings than other similar HR consultants, they were also concerned that the company’s approachable and personable brand qualities were not being reflected by people’s web experience. We were tasked with creating a more visually engaging website with a simplified user journey, and to back it up with a stronger and more cohesive social media and SEO strategy. We designed the site with an intuitive content management system that pushed single pieces of content to different areas of the site. Naturally, staff training was provided. We also worked with experts to develop a robust social media and SEO strategy. The result is a site that not only attracts more visitors, but also generates more relevant leads – and gives Hunter Adams the confidence that their brand values are being accurately reflected across all channels.


Hunter Adams