The most effective brand campaigns are those that are executed full circle; from the ATL campaign, to the point of purchase on the shop floor and into the consumers house driving loyalty.


For Kelloggs we develop sales brochures showcasing their full range of products and in-store merchandising materials. Initially a UK initiative its success led to us being commissioned to translate the sales brochure to Arabic and roll it out across the Middle East.


“RRDCreative has been providing an outstanding service to Kellogg’s since they became our point of sale business partners in 2010. They work tirelessly and consistently to deliver the best possible results for us, always demonstrating an exceptional understanding of our business. Their work allows us to bring our marketing campaigns full circle by communicating our message to the consumer, at the point of purchase, on the shop floor. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them highly to any company.”


Yvonne O’Meara, Kelloggs, Merchandising Manager