From artisan coffee to Vogue’s ‘most wanted’

How do you brand the humble coffee bean? With the same passion and attention to detail that have made Luckie Beans the connoisseur’s choice. The people at Luckie Beans certainly know their onions (or their coffee to be precise). Every batch is roasted lovingly to perfection – on Berwick’s Love Lane would you believe? But they needed our help in creating a distinctive visual look & feel, packaging and website that would help transform Luckie Beans from an artisan product to a truly aspirational brand, and command a premium price point. We got to know the product, the process and the people, and delivered a clean but multi-layered solution – a lot like the coffee itself. Today, Luckie Beans’ market success means they can source the best beans from around the world and further build their reputation. Little wonder they’ve featured among Vogue’s ‘most wanted’.


Luckie Beans